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What is the daily schedule like?

Each day begins with a group class devoted to technical practice and theory. Students have time to practice as well as access to practice studios. Each student has 5 lessons scheduled a week. On Monday and Tuesday there are master classes where students can perform and receive additional instruction if they chose to and can learn from other’s work. Evening activities include a faculty concert and an evening of viewing historical videos as well as social opportunities for those who wish to participate.

Can you tell us more about the group class?

The group class is designed to deal with the fundamentals of cello playing, the things that apply at every level to every cello player. It is also intended to give every cellist an overview of the technical hurdles all along the way towards achieving mastery of cello technique. We all take part in basic technical exercises with participation scaled to account for different levels. We all learn from each other.

Does the fee include lodging or meals?

Students can  find their own accommodations for a lesser tuition or allow the Music in Tuscany to provide it.  Aside from breakfast, students arrange their own meals with many wonderful affordable options.  Many options are available on Airbnb and other sites for lodging but it’s a good idea to try to book something asap as things do fill up as the dates approach. Students are encouraged to get meals together but are not required to. There are many wonderful restaurants in the area.

What will be your covid protocols?

We will follow all CDC guidelines.  All participants are required to come fully vaccinated. All of the staff will be vaccinated and boosted.   We will be doing as much as possible outside and hope to make the workshop itself abundantly safe.  If things take a turn for the worse in the world and travel to Italy is not safe all tuition fees will be completely refunded.



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Where do the classes and lessons occur?

Most of our activities will occur in and around the amazing local opera theater  which offers a terrific facility highly suited to our needs.  See the photo on the home page!

How much does the Workshop cost?

The cost for the  workshop is $2700 for the 2 weeks including lodging.  It is $500 per week less if you arrange your own housing. A single week is $1350.  A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. All fees are due before the start of the workshop.  All fees will be refunded if travel to Tuscany is impeded by the virus situation.

Is there a piano accompanist available and is that included in the fee?

Yes, and yes.

How can one get to the workshop?

Students should plan on flying to Rome's Fiumicino airport.  Please contact the larger festival for specific transportation suggestions.    They say
"You should plan to arrive in Rome before noon on Monday, June 27th, 2022, if you would like to meet our Train Guides at the airport for your journey to Sarteano.
All participants will receive a detailed travel information packet.
Departure flights should be scheduled after noon on Monday July 11th 2022, if you would like to travel with our Train Guides back to the airport."


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Do we need to bring a cello to Italy?

Although you are welcome to bring your instrument it may be somewhat costly.  We are arranging for rental instruments for those who do not want to go to this expense.

How much will the rental instruments cost?

We are still negotiating with several Luthiers but there will be quite nice instruments for reasonable rates,  probably between 100 and 150 euros for the 2 weeks.  There is  a minimum charge of one month so if you want to hang onto your instrument a few days or pick it up early that should be possible.  I will personally inspect all rental instruments before the workshop dates to be sure they are up to snuff.  There will probably be some more expensive options as well if you want to rent something really special.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions feel free to email Tuscanycelloworkshop@gmail.com or plewy4@gmail.com or to call(1-917-273-9693) to discuss any questions you might have about the workshop (If we like your question it may end up here!)